Malik S. Parker - Co-Founder & Creative Director

Malik was born and (with the exception of living two years in Stamford, CT) raised in Brooklyn, New York. At a young age he developed a critical eye for television and film. After seeing a movie, he would want to discuss the plots and subplots. At the age of 14 he began dramatic training when he enrolled at the City Lights Theatre in Times Square. He liked acting but the production side of theatre seemed more his calling. City Lights taught him all aspects lighting and sound design. Malik@15LProductions

Toni Parker - Co-Founder & Business Manager

I am a wife, mother, producer and director, world traveler, sky diver, lover of books and lover of wine, lover of reading books while drinking wine, chocoholic, foodie, worshipper of quiet moments. I am a woman who is thankful for family and friends, and grateful for the happy occasions that bring us together. Toni@15LProductions

Christen Cofer - Director of Photography

Christen was born and raised in Harlem NYC. He developed an interest in filmmaking at the age of 15 and has been doing it ever since. He has been involved in countless projects within the genres of music videos, events, short and feature length films as well as documentaries. He has both taught and created curriculum to teach teens and adults how to edit and use camera and lighting equipment. Christen currently works as a freelance director of photography, photographer, and editor for a variety of film, fashion.

Stefanie Alleyne - Producer and Editor

This East Village resident is in a constant state of dreaming. After realizing the abilities to make media were not far to reach, she is consistently trying to craft and translate life into stories. As of late she had recognized her love of editing, a process that shapes and molds raw footage into moments that will connect and remain with audiences well after their theater or screening experience. With a BA in Anthropology from CUNY Hunter College, the interest of culture and people, only expands as she further explores creating stories.

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